Benjamin Moore

Colour Guides

Do you feel excited, but overwhelmed when you have to choose a paint colour?  Or easily distracted - choosing a colour out of character for you and then regretting it later?  


Painting your home can make such a difference, but choosing the right colour the first time, can save a lot of effort and cost. Our colour guides aim to help you make the right choice of paint colour for your home, as well as selecting trim and accent colours to best suit your interior.  

What to expect when you purchase our colour guides:

  • We offer you comparisons to similar colours in order to guide you towards the right paint colour for your space.

  • 3 Suggested paint colours for woodwork trim.

  • 5 Colours to use with your main colour for accent walls and accessories.

  • Information about the best practice to choose colours taking into account things like the aspect of your home.

Need more assistance?  I offer paint consultations to help you find the right paint colour for your project.  You might also find my blog on "How to create a Colour Palette for your Home" helpful.