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Digital Inspiration Board


This is a virtual design package, suitable for all rooms.

An inspiration board is the best way to start any interior design project as this will form the road map of your project.  You can add any inspirational images or textures to this board like images of wildlife or fashion and pieces of bark, a feather or piece of ceramic.  

An inspiration board is so valuable, because once you have the design vision finalised, you should stick to it and carry a copy of it with you.  This will stop you from making impulse purchases, because every time you want to purchase something, you should ask yourself if it fits your concept board and the mood you are trying to create.  

Correspondence with client is done via e-mail.

This online service will provide you with:

  • Two digital inspiration boards with different variations to the design - to choose one from.

  • A final board (one revision to finalise the design).

  • Access to your project through a private link.

By proceeding, you agree to our

Terms and Conditions.

How it works...


Which service is right for me?

Establish which service you would like to purchase.  You are welcome to contact me to find out which package would suit you best.  

Purchase your package



Purchase your package online to get your project started. Payment can be made by using PayPal, credit cards or EFT payment. 


Tell me more about your project

Complete the online questionnaire and send me the dimensions and photos of the room we will design, as well as any inspirational pictures.  Together we can also set up a private Pinterest board to share ideas.  Exciting, right?!


Time to design

I will take all the information you have given me and prepare two concept boards with variations on the design.  This can take 5 - 10 business days from receiving your information at the end of which you can choose one of the suggested designs that we will develop further.  We will review your chosen concept board and alternative options, if needed.


Finalise your design

As soon as we are agreed on the concept, I will work on finalising the design.  You will receive all the items of your purchased package within a week. At this stage, additional revisions will be charged on an hourly rate.

Implement the project



You can now implement your design at your own pace.  We would love to see your new project - please remember to share your photos with us.

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