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How to create a contemporary interior

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

One of my favourite interior design styles is the luxurious simplicity of contemporary style. This style does not have to be cold and minimalist - it can be welcoming and comfortable. Do you also like contemporary living spaces, but not sure how to go about creating your own? Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you understand this interior style and that all your purchases will match your new living space


1. Choose furniture with simple lines

Contemporary furniture typically has very simple, sophisticated lines. Lines are strong and simple, whether straight or curved to ensure that each piece of furniture stands out against a simple backdrop. Less is more in this design style and the elements in the room are kept simple in order to keep the focus on strong architectural features like tall windows and ceilings.


2. Use neutral colours

Darker colours that can be used successfully in contemporary designs are charcoal, dark blues, slate and any shade of grey. Taupe, beige, light grey and off white colours work well for lighter contemporary interior designs. If you do like colour you can use it as an accent colour in pillows or art. Warmer tones like brown are making a come-back and is an easy way to make a contemporary room more inviting. The aim of this design style is to keep it simple and show off the furniture lines - it is therefore a good idea to keep wall colours neutral as well.


3. Art to set the scene

Contemporary interior style provides the perfect backdrop for interesting, beautiful artwork that can take centre stage. You can use bold pieces to add drama to the room or for a more toned-down look you can match the colours to your furniture and walls.

4. Materials to use in contemporary design

Stone, metal, glass, wood and leather are typically used in contemporary room design and this can be softened with textured fabric like linens, bouclé and velvet - keep the colours plain. Intricate fabric design with lots of colours will not suit this style and should be best avoided. Flooring should be kept simple with rugs in geometric designs add texture.


5. Accessorize to add interest

I like to use bold accessories in contemporary rooms, as these rooms provide such a great backdrop for individual pieces. Eye catching lamp bases in curvy shapes, big mirrors with textured frames and stools in interesting shapes will liven up contemporary designs.


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If you would like help in creating a contemporary design for your home, have a look at my Virtual Interior Design Services. I would love to help you create your dream interior space.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope this information was of use to you. If you have any questions, you can contact me - I am always happy to help.

Watch this space for more blogs on interior styles coming soon!

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