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How to create a modern boho interior

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

This is a style that truly reflect its inhabitants and their interests and is therefore almost always truly unique. Think bohemian interiors and immediately free-spirited interiors of creatives like artists, writers, and poets spring to mind and this is indeed where it all started after the French Revolution.

Here you will find objects collected during travels, cultural pieces, music instruments and whatever makes your heart sing. It is a very relaxed, carefree, and eclectic style, showing artistic sensitivity.

I have put two concept boards together for living rooms in this style, but with more modern elements - very toned down here, but just to give you the idea. Hope you like it!

A moodboard with boho style items for a living room.


1. Furniture features

Traditionally pieces are vintage or second-hand and have been collected over a number of years. Typically, the Peacock Headboards and Chairs were used, but also hanging chairs, chaises and daybeds. These pieces can be mixed successfully with more modern pieces

Rattan Headboard in Boho Style
Image: Oliver Bonas

Image: Unsplash


2. Bold pattern and colours

In this style you can mix patterns and colours from different eras to your heart's content. Here more is indeed more! I have limited the colour palettes of the living room designs on this page to tone-on-tone colours for my modern take on this style.

3. Art to set the scene

Use abstract art, framed textiles or photographs for your modern boho style or you can combine it with more traditional items like wicker mirrors, like I have done here.


4. Materials to use in boho design

Traditionally a lot of rope, macrame, rattan, crochet and other handmade items are used in this style - some with a slightly worn feel. For a modern boho style, add jute rugs, leather, and sleek wood items to your design.

A concept board in Boho Style with dark patterned rug and pillow.
Use of pattern in Boho Style


5. Accessorize to add interest

Lots of plants are used traditionally for this style and nothing wrong with that! For a modern boho style I would suggest limiting the plants to one or two bigger plants for focus points, typically a fiddle leaf fig suits this style perfectly. Add sleek ceramics and hand thrown pottery to add to the modern mood of your boho living style.

This space features designs created with affiliated products.

If you would like help in creating a boho design for your home, have a look at my Virtual Interior Design Services. I would love to help you create your dream interior space.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope this information was of use to you. If you have any questions, you can contact me - I am always happy to help.

Watch this space for more blogs on interior styles coming soon!

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