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Shop the Look - Pink and Gray Bedroom

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Shop the Look - currently for US customers only.

Dreaming about creating a luxury bedroom in your home? You can re-create this elegant bedroom design and change your space dramatically by using the right accessories.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and this is the room where we relax and revitalise and for this reason it is important to create a mood in our space to achieve just that. A room should reflect your personality - styles, colours, furniture and accessories that you love.

If you would like to recreate a similar space, you can click on any of the images in this blog which will take you to a new tab where you can purchase individual items. (This design is created with affiliated products - I will earn a small commission when you purchase any of these products with no extra cost to you. Please refer to Terms and Conditions if you would like to find out more).

The most important item in your bedroom is the bed and this should therefore be the item you spend the most of your budget on. A few alternative beds for this design:

I like to choose very neutral colours for bedding as I prefer to bring colour in, using throws, pillows, rugs and lamps. Expensive items like a rug or a piece of art will dictate the colours used in the room.

Rugs that will also work well in this design:

You might find the following guides useful for buying a rug for your bedroom:

If you are using a Queen size bed:

- A good size rug would be typically 8 x 10

- The rug should extend at least 8" beyond the sides of the bed, but not past the outsides of the nightstand or night table.

If you are using a King size bed:

- A good size rug would be typically 9 x 12

- The rug should ideally extend by at least 1 foot pat the end of the bed

- The space between the nightstands and the beginning of the rug should be at least 8".

My best tip for designing your bedroom is to choose your nightstand carefully as this will define the style of your bedroom. In this bedroom I used a slightly glam nightstand and together with the luxurious rug it makes the room look elegant.

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of space in your room, consider adding a chair or a bench - it is so comfy to sit on while putting on sock or shoes (not for draping clothes though!). Here are some beautiful chairs that you can choose from for this space.

Lighting is very important - you would want enough lighting for tasks like dressing and performing personal care, reading light and ambient lights conducive to sleep. Curtains and blinds should have black-out linings to make the room as dark as possible during the time you sleep.

More lamps to suit this look:

If you like this design, you can simply click on the product board.  It will take you to a new tab, where you can click on each individual item to purchase it.

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